FUKUSHIMA 2011-2017

Tsutomu Otsuka

Text1: “Trans Body”by STEFAN LEVY KUNZ

Tsutomu Otsuka is creating works of human skin. He started from female nude and now engaged in the work cooled “Trans Body”. It is structured in the montage from. The subject uses the hermaphrodite. It is selected from the dark room and the pieces of man and woman are jointed under the principal of male and female. Those hermaphrodites wondered in the dark room, reaching the infinity. Like the unfinished original ectoplasms, they look like swaying weightless between the projections of supersonic wave fault and constellations. Reflecting the blood flow, which crosses heart, these bodies bear blue marks. This mark symbolizes another standard of separation. In the world of mankind, axis of man and woman crosses the axis of the small space and the giant universe. That is because, for him, the hermaphrodite is the subject of a search of a, bivalent values and also the problem for the measurement.



Tohoku earthquake and tsunami were happen in 2011 March 11th.
I was starting my photos series about FUKUSHIMA after that.
15,891 deaths have been confirmed by this disaster.
Oddly strangely, rescue party the rescue parties were searching to victim, gradually they also starting looking for photograph buried by flood damage.
Those were memory of lost families and proof of missing lives.
And those pictures had been metamorphosed by chemical reaction in the mud.
Especially, they fascinated me, because I already have interest in chemical change of emulsion of printed photo paper by mud since 1992.
I tried to many empirical how to change in quality pictures in the mud, swamp.
That's why; I cannot overlook those photos those are rescued from the disaster.
Those emulsions are exfoliated and changed in appearance.
Even if, they were lost their family, I could accept strong memory that kept.

About my landscape in FUKUSHIMA;
Nuclear accidents of FUKUSHIMA has made graved pollute and zone.
The situation of pollution has not changed anything still now. Even thought although forest, fields, dwelling, lake, marshy and mud.
Landscape where everything is with radioactive material, then nothing changes.
I was entered this zone since 2014. I took landscape without human being. I just took branches, leaves, earth are totally contaminated.

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Solo exhibitions/Expositions personnels

2015 [The ground which was quitted・Fukusima] Gallery Photo/synthesis Tokyo

2014 [HALF LIFE・Fukusima] Gallery Photo/synthesis Tokyo

2013 [Tyvek suit・Fukusima] Plaec M Tokyo

2007 [SILENT] Space Kobo&Tomo Tokyo

2006 [Bone] GALLERY Private Kamakura

2005 [Body Works 1991~2005] GALLERY IMAGO Tokyo

2002 [Room] Gallery LE DECO Tokyo

1998 [Trans-Body ] HOKARI Fine Art Gallery Tokyo

1997 [Placebo] HOKARI Fine Art Gallery Tokyo

1996 [Trans-Body ] HOKARI Fine Art Gallery Tokyo

1994 [Emulsion No. 5・6・5] Art Forum YANAKA Tokyo

1992 [Earth-Time] INAX Gallery Tokyo

1989 [Incognito・Seed of the water] Shibuya Seibu Art Gallery Tokyo

1987 [Incognito・Shadow of the Flower] Nikon Salon Tokyo

1986 [Incognito・Shadow of the Flower] Shibuya DOI Photo Plaza Tokyo

1971 [No End] Movie exhibitions Shinjyuku Head Power Tokyo


Group Exhibitions/Expositions collectives

2011 [zeitaku na yaka] vol.7 AiDEM PHOTO GALLERY [Slrius] Tokyo

2010 [GinEin] Tokyo Art Museum Tokyo

2005 [IMAGO Note 2005] GALLERY IMAGO Tokyo

2002 [Cotemporary Alternative Photogaphy] WHITE ROOM GALLERY Los Angeles

1999 [Dimer with Dali] Toledo University Clement gallery Toledo

1998 [LOVE ' S BODY-Rethinking Naked and Nnde in Photograpry] Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography Tokyo

1998 [Entre l' eau. I'air et la terre] Galerie Vrais Reves Lyon. France

1996 [CHIKUWA,KAWA,MIMI] HOKARI Fine Art Gallery Tokyo

1995 [Cotemporary Japanese Photograpic History] Mitsukoshi Holl Tokyo

1993 [Five Intentions] Olympus Gallery Tokyo

1990 [High-Tech Plants] Hanshin Department Store Osaka

1986 [Neo Pictorialism Photo Exhibition ] Gallery WIDE Tokyo

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