The additional note of technical for Buhner.

as of 19th May 2010 by T. F.

1. To arrange sensors for sound MIDI or contact microphones on the wall on the back.

When Lenz hits his head to the wall or hi hits the wall I'd like to pick up this sound and amplify or get signal of MIDI as trigger for my sound.

2.   Additional light.

Basically, I'd like to use laser beams as a main light for the stage.

(Without Buhner's Death. Act 3.)

But, It will be very week light for it, as Edwin told.

If we need additional light, I'd like to use only one spotlight for make strong contrast. It's like a Rembrandt light.


3. Which stage color should we choice Black or white?

As you know TAM dose not have back horizon on the stage.

When I think that good effect for reflections of laser beams we should select white walls on the stage (Include the floor, by white linoleum).

But, if we use a spotlight for make Rembrandt light, we should select black color for the stage (Include the floor, by black linoleum).

But, I'd like to realize white stage on Act 3..

I have to think more.....

4. We will put a box as bed and stump on the stage.

I think just box is fain for the bed, stump (sit Woyzeck and Marie.).

We do not have necessity to representation the 19th century with furniture, small tools and costumes.

----But, without only Karoline and Dr.Schoenlein..... Whoon... I'd like to take costume to them... I have to think more....

5. Position of Edwin and me.

I thought that we play at the back of actor on the stage as first.

But, became my image getting change, now I think we will play at the front of second floor of audience seat.

We can check all sound at there and we can give some sine to actor from there and audience will be more easy concentration to acting.

6. Additional text to the last my plan.

I'd like to add text by Oberlin's note about a condition of Lenz.

I'm not sure who should read it, now. Leif by English or Oberlin by German.

Anyway, I know well that my text is too difficult to understand for the audience. Except for the researcher of Buhner.

I have to think something for get theirs understands. Perhaps we should make and print leaflet for the audience.


7. The laser beams make a relation with actor's voice in Act 1.

What do you think it? Edwin-san!

Hi Markus-san!

I'll write more about reflector soon. But we have to wait for experiment by Edwin, as first.


Thank you very much!!! from Tetsuo!!!!