Hi Aleksandra-san!!! Markus-san, !!!

And Manuel-san!!!

Still my ideas and images for vide are in abstract.
But I could get outline of this piece.
I could translate my basic ideas into English helped by Manuel-san yesterday.
Could you please read my note?
And if possible could you please give your 2days during January with your help to me?

I'd like to use animated CG as a time gate. (http://knapp.klingt.org/)


Title: Time gate (as temporally.)

Based on The Menace from Earch by Robert A. Heinlein.

I'd like to make a new video piece, S. F. like a time trick of Robert A. Heinlein's time gate.

All elements whishes constitutes this film (image, music, voice, sentence, montage and etc.). Then I’d like to make some kind of reincarnation.

The first scene is writing a diary by her hand write.

She was writing about her memories.

She wrote about her mother and her kid.

Suddenly she got strange feelings her mother and kid.

She was surprised,

Because, her kid was afraid of her talking, and she remember that she had the same horror when she was same age like her kid.

Someday, her mother called me on the phone.
She already passed a way five years ago.

But, still mother asks her, how are you? Are you fine?

She feels their relationship with mother, kids and me, got broken. 

Perhaps, she is alone and on my own.

Some day, She found a lot of the same dairies, with the same writing and content with same date.

She would like to die, in mid summer somewhere in Asia, inside of a jungle with blue sky.

But, she already know that she was robbed her time for die.